Friday, September 16, 2011

Not a One Trick Pony

One of my favorite movies ever is The Wrestler,

where Mickey Rouke makes an amazing comeback portraying an aging Wrestler having difficulty adjusting to life without Wrestling. Great movie with a powerful ending that deeply affected me.In essence Rouke's character is a "One Trick Pony" b/c the only thing he does well in life is Wrestle.

In the softball world one of my favorite people and players is Jason Yadoff

who I affectionately call the Wrestler b/c of his long hair and rocker style. Fortunately that's where the comparison ens b/c this guy is far from a one trick pony. He's a mad talented. Here is a video of him performing at the Bitter End in the West village ,
He plays music like he plays softball , all in , fierce intensity ! - A man of many talents - check him out sometime .. great guy... true gamer

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  1. Ricky, thanks so much for the shout out!! you can hear my music and see videos and stuff at my site

    Now let's go win the Championship for The Bravery!