Sunday, June 27, 2010

Add/Drop Rosters

Being the legendary and prestigious commissioner of the Big Apple League Jeff Marcus has his responsibilities

and one of his more serious duties is collecting all Final rosters !!!!!!!
At this time of year, all managers are scrambling to see which last minute wringer they can add/drop onto their roster to hopefully shore up a weakness, strengthen the squad even further, or even better yet softball "cock" block another team from acquiring an impact player b/c as of today

all Rosters are final!!!!!!!

Here's a breakdown of which Big Apple teams are most likely to make shiesty waiver wire moves in reverse order

12 Contact - Never Never Never - No fucking way - loyalty. legacy, and honor is the Contact way

11 Bombers - non applicable - in fact classy manager Teddy deserves to do whatever he wants to keep his team going

10 Skins - No way - classy manager and sportsman of the year winner Jay G has a good loyal crew that comes out and competes each and every week

9 Revolution - same as skins - solid group of regulars

8 Saphire - are you kidding me ??? Jeff Marcus would rather listen to hip hop than steal another teams players or lie about eligibility

7 Empire - good young crew - not enough information or history to say anything about them

6 Brother Jimmy's - another good loyal crew, I know them well they might not steal another player but if they had to tweak the number of times a guy showed up to sneak them into the playoffs they would. That's the softball way

The above teams are mostly on the up and up but the final shiesty 5 all follow the Nororious B.IG's philosophy of "On the road to riches and diamond rings. Real **** do real things"

Final Cut Throat 5 for Rosters

5. Diesel - c'mon I'm on the team you know I've always got something diabolical up my sleeve

4. O'Hanlons - Honest as the day is long, that is if the day is the dead of winter and in Alaska - MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR Shiesty alert

3 Choice Parts - They ain't called the evil empire b/c the show mercy

2. Working Class - Ruthless and hungry to make playoffs

and by far the shiesty most cut throat team of them all

1 Mayaguez - Are you fucking kidding me? Their roster is a fucking joke they have new guys each and every week. I would bet my mortgage that the Mayaguez Mount Rushmore brian trust couldn't even name 3/4 of the players on their rosters. It's a joke

In addition, speaking of shiesty, my senior softball analyst John Sheppard gives him opinion on the Big Apple's shiesty "grandfather rule" which allows a player who has played in the league 3+ years (non-pitcher) to only show up 2 weeks to qualify for the playoffs

nuff said as I got to get back to making calls and shore up our roster


  1. Hasn't pretty much everyone been playing in the league three plus years?

    So, that means that they only have to show up on two Sundays to qualify for the playoffs???


  2. Good one Ricky.
    Will you come play with my team???