Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weekday Day Softball Games out of "The Man's" reach

For years I was under the oppressive corporate veil and did "The Man's" dirty work all day long on Wall Street as my soul slipped slowly away. During the softball season, I would hurry out to play a week night softball game and then either party, go home, or even pathetically sometimes go back to work (major loser). I was like many people who work long hours for "The Man" in that after work softball was a means to forgetting the stress and worry of the real world.

Nowadays I work from home and I've been able to check out some weekday day softball leagues in Central Park (show league) and Inwood (taxi driver league) and have been shockingly surprised at the organization, competitiveness, intensity, and enthusiasm it has to offer. In fact, I feel like a corporate snob/asshole for always thinking that weekday softball wasn't news worthy. I was dead wrong.

Top Ten Positives About Weekday Day Time Softball

10. It gives people who work nights a chance to play during the week - duh
9. You avoid tight corporate goons who play at night
8. Guys who show up really want to play, they work later in the day and are motivated to get their swerve on
7. It's in the day - you still have all night to do something else
6. If your lucky you can sneak out of work and play and then go back (Hopefully you have a shower)
5. Softball is like a box of chocolates you never know what your gonna get
4. Solves a Softball problem for people with bad night vision
3. Unemployed & Self-Employed friendly on many levels
2. It's a NY thing - check that in Miami senior citizens play in a daytime ARC league in Coral Gables called "Los Veijos" as well - very cool

and the Number One Positives About Weekday Day Time Softball

1. Who the hell wants to work for "The Man" anyway.. Play Ball


  1. Central park exist even when you r not there. dummy cuban

  2. Love the weekday leagues