Thursday, June 17, 2010

Not for the Birds and the Bees

The Beatles famously sang the best things in life are free
but you can give them to the birds and bees b/c I want Money!!!!
Now deep down family, health, friendsare so much more important than money, but there is nothing wrong with wanting/enjoying some of the finer things in life like wine, Cuban cigars, cars, and beautiful women
But if you have the money (about $180 with free shipping) one of the finer things in softball that you should treat yourself to is the Miken Ultra II

Somewhere out there I can hear bat aficionado/expert Johnny Castillo snickering about composite bats, but if you play in a league that does not have a national affiliation, this is the bat for you! We all know it's the Indian, not the arrow, that makes the hitter but but still the Miken II is the hottest bat on the market;
Miken’s Velocit-E Ultra II is unbeatable in performance.

Key Features of the Miken Ultra II Softball Bat:
  1. 100% Composite Construction
  2. Excellent Sweet Spot
  3. 13/16 Inch Handle
  4. Approved for SSUSA, SPA, and LVSSA Play
  5. Carbon -X Shell Technology
  6. E-Flex Ultra Technology
  7. NO WARRANTY - translation IT BREAKS!!!!!!
  8. Non-ASA Approved
  9. Non-USSSA Approved
  10. Ultra Bond Grip
  11. Perfectly Balanced
  12. Vacuum Transfer Technology
  13. Never use in under 50 degree weather - Why? It Breaks - duh
  14. Never use in batting practice - as get this "It Breaks"

As a side note, for you end loaded bat lovers out there a max-loaded version is also available.

Great Bat. use it wisely, to see some arc ball performance aspects of the bat take a peek at the video below - enjoy


  1. Some really ugly swings on some of those videos. How did fran donovan get in one of those videos? Anoyinmous

  2. Wow that is some