Saturday, June 19, 2010

41 .. My Blogger's Gone Crazy

Today is my birthday as my age is now the same number worn by arguably the greatest Met ever Mr. Tom "Terrific" Seaver - The Franchise - nerdy but true

While I love baseball/softball as I get older I realize that life is all about development, stages, and how important it is too always trying to take the very best of what's inside of you and progress forward - "It's all about Progression".
One of my favorite most inspiring songs "It's My Life", is a remake

Cool 80s Version

Excellent No Doubt Remake

That's Progression, then again anything with one of my favorites Gwen Stefani in it is bound to have progression :))))))))

Going forward I promise that when I stop having the desire to progress I will simply Fade to Black, but until then I promise to follow/keep the spirit another one of my favorites Eminem songs "My Daddy's Gone Crazy "

as I promise that "My BLOGS can make you cry, take you by surprise And at the same time, make you dry your eyes with the same line See what you're seeing is a genius at work Which to me isn't work, so it's easy to misinterpret it at first, Cuz when i speak, it's tongue in cheek I'd yank my fuckin teeth before id ever bite my tongue I'd slice my gums, get struck by fuckin' lightning twice at once And die and come back as MR Johnson's son And walk around the rest of my life spit on And kicked and hit with shit, every time i sung Like R Kelly as soon as "bump n' grind" comes on More pain inside of my brain, than the eyes of a little girl inside of a plane Aimed at the World Trade, till clouds gather and that's pretty much the gist of it, control freaks, umpires, leagues, managers, commissioners are pissed, but the players love it ..... I don't blame you, i wouldn't let Yorkoff read me neither"



  1. Happy BDay Ricky.

  2. Well said! Happy Birthday Cuzo! Love ya!

  3. I'm going to be 52 in a few months and still playing. You have a long way to go. Enjoy your b'day.

    jack S.