Friday, June 4, 2010

At Bat Songs

I'm a long suffering loyal Met fan ,but I must admit I like going to the New Yankee Stadium (especially if I get a free ticket) b/c I love hanging out in all the bars across the street (true NY feel) and think they have the most amazing LCD scoreboardsand sound systems around making it an excellent entertainment experience. At every game it always seems that Derek Jeter has the coolest songs played when he comes to bat like Empire State
and it got me to thinking what music would most softball players play when it was their turn to hit (Let's not get into how many people would get arrested if large speakers were ever brought into a below 96th street field).

So thanks to some research and my disturbing imagination here is what I think what songs certain softball players would play when it was their turn at bat:

Latino Theme:
Isaac "Gubi" DelgadoDo you really think someone who would wear a bright Jersey like this
would pick anything less than deep hardcore hick bachata music - His choice would be Anthony Santos

If you can listen to that entire song your a better man than most.

Moving on (thankfully) to other Latino Players like Stud Player Omar He would be down with trendy and energetic Reggaeton music like something "Pose" from Daddy Yankee
While other Latin Players like Angel "Tito" Vera
would use more commercial Spanish-English mixed songs like
"Yeah baby I like it Like That"

Classic Latin Players like Giberto Gonzalez
and Ralph Serrano would go old school and pick great artists like Gran Combo and Gilberto Santa Rosa to represent their national pride.

Other Americanized Latins like Juan "Blonde" Moreiras prefer rock
and hip hop
so I think he would pick "Encore" which is a song that Jay-Z's collaborated on with Linkin Park's hit single "Numb" . Nice Mix.

Switching music tastes Diesel "Land of Misfit Toys" Manger
Jimmy Bitros would pick something more classy let's say Frank Sintra's
"The Summer Wind"

WestLander player/manager Dio Jacksonwould represent pop music to the fullest by picking any Michael Jackson song as he loved the late great King of Pop.

Moving on to a Movie theme, Edgar "the Natural" Gonzalez would pick the Theme song from the movie "The Natural," while of course John Rosenmiller leader of the Choice Parts would make the no brainer selection of the Evil Empire
Theme Song from Star Wars. Where he and other Yankee fans on his team like Lorenzo would play when it was their turn to hit.
Impact Players like Assault's/Working Class's Power Hitter Anthony
would play Queen's powerful classic
every time he's up to announce his presence

Never Shy Championship Stud Pitcher Franny
would have Scorpions "Rock You Like a Hurricane!!!!!!" blare every time he came up or took the mound

On a social/bar theme entrepreneur
John S from Contact/Lucky's would play Green Day's "Closing Time"

While Frequent nightlife Aaron "Harroo" Fernandez
would pick any song used in a Heineken commercial

Other player who prefer other forms of entertainment like like Jack "Bandana Man" Cutler would pick Kenny Roger's "The Gambler" song b/c he knows when to hold em and fold em - sort of anyway

When interviewed for this blog, Mike Peckins and Eric Zabarkuspicked the following At bat songs:

Mike - Any New Usher song - "so I can relax and vibe when I'm up"
Eric - Mobb Deep - "B/c when I hit line drives up the middle the pitcher gets shook"

Another below 96th street player - Gary
should play Aretha Franklin "RESPECT" song b/c he is one tough fucking out who no one ever gives props to. Gary has wondered out loud if he needed to be Hispanic to get on the blog so I made his wear my Puerto Rico cap(above) and now dub him the Juan Epsetin of Softball.

As for me, I would pick 2 songs dedicated to my wife Astrid

both our wedding songs:

(1) Frank Sinatra's "The Way You Look Tonight" and

(2) Fabolous - Young'n (Holla Back)

yeah I know those sound like 2 pussy whipped choices but she deserves props for many reasons, and as a side note, she came up with the idea for this blog at the subway series Much Love and Kudos!!!!


  1. For the record I liked the "black" MJ not the "white" 1! LOL

    RIP- MJ

    - Dio

  2. RR:

    I like this as my walk up:

    "First it giveth/then it taketh away." So true about the game. Just when you think you're the hero...humility. Just when you think you're down and out...comeback.

    Glenn Raucher

  3. Gary "Juan Epstein" LewinJune 4, 2010 at 3:25 PM

    Juan Epstein, now that's what I'm talkin about! The Puerto Rican Jew of CP! At least my brother married a Puerto Rican girl.

  4. yeah baby i like it like that! lmao you a funny mofo rick!


  5. Actually Ricky I would have "Jumping Jack Flash" by The Rolling Stones. Was never a that big of a Green Day fan. I liked when Paul O'Neill would use "Teenage Wasteland" by The Who. J Spin

  6. Very gooooood one Ricky

  7. Welcome to the club Gary.