Monday, June 14, 2010

2 Man Set Mistake

In my last blog, I did a brief recap poking fun at my good friend John Sheppard (play and turn audio on)

In response to that blog, Eric Brown (he signed his comment) who pitched a gem and lost 1-0 in the nightcap of the doubleheader wrote probably one of the fairest comments I've come across on my blog:
Eric Brown Comment/Quote "Why didn't you say anything about the awful umpires who just wanted to get out of the rain and made an obviously wrong call to prevent the game from being tied in the 7th? You always rail on the umps when the calls go against you. "
I love fair thoughtful comments like this as Eric is right I never complain when I get a call. No one does. No one
On the play in question there was 1 out and a man on 3rd, a ground ball was hit to the 3rd and the fielder threw to 1st. The ump called the runner out and Brother Jimmy's contended the 1st baseman's foot came off the bag.
The home plate umpire was asked to help and the out was upheld.
Whether the 1st baseman was on or off the bag the real issue was that the umpires in questions did not use the proper 2 man set mechanics. This morning I called my umpire instructor and guru John Smith
to explain the proper 2 man mechanics. I explained to John that the field umpire was in the "C Position", meaning he was between 2nd and 3rd base, John stated that he should have been in the
"A Position" , meaning on the 1st base line b/c his responsibility was the batter. He also stated that the home plate umpire should be used as a resource in an off the bag judgement issue arises, and in this instance he was asked for help. As a side note, the "B Position" is between 1st and 2nd, an the field umpire should be there when their is either a man on 1st or 2nd.
Perhaps if the umpire was properly positioned it would have made things easier on everyone.


  1. You're right no one complains, and they shouldn't, when calls go in their favor. I guess the best you can hope for is that the bad calls for you and the bad calls against you even out at the end of the season.
    My biggest complaint was that your first baseman wouldn't have even caught the errant throw from third if he didn't come off the base.

  2. This is not to dispute that the umpires might have made a bad call, only to clarify umpire positioning. (based on pro/NCAA baseball guidelines)

    A should only be used with no runners on.

    B is only when runner is on 1st or 1st and 3rd. (to see the potential play at 2nd)

    C is everything else with runners on base. (though B is used by some umpires due to preference)

  3. First I'd like to congratulate Eric on a job well done. He is a talented pitcher, a true gentleman and one of the nicest, if not the nicest guys in the league. Regarding the disputed call, I honesly believe that Chuck's foot was on 1st base. Having said that, as a victim of calls that I thought should have gone my way but didn't, I understand the frustration expressed by Eric as well as the entire Brother Jimmy's team. But as Eric stated hopefully things even out at years end. I also don't think the umps made a bad call just to get the game over with due to the rain. The heavy rain didn't start until close to an hour later forcing the stopping of the Maya/Skins game. One last point I have a soft spot in my heart for Brother Jimmy's and hope the are on the right side of future close calls..except if they are playing us. A great many of Brother Jimmy's players were on my teams in the past and if we don't make it to the finals I will be cheering them on. GOOD LUCK BROTHER JIMMY's
    P.S. When did Jimmy Meyers get so slick when running the bases. He looked like a cross between Rickey Henderson and Brett Gardner.

  4. I know my comments will not change the mind of Eric, or any of the other members of Brother Jimmys, but here is my side of it. Eric is right, I was eventually pulled off of the bag by the throw. But before that happened, the ball was in my glove and my foot was on the base. Once that happens, the runner is out, even if my foot slides off the bag, as it eventually did. Like everyone, I have been on the wrong side of bad calls, and I have nothing to gain by not being truthful. Regardless of the positioning of the umpire, this was actually a very good call.

    -Chuck Ricciardi, 1B Diesel Express