Sunday, June 13, 2010

Special Analyst Post Game Reaction : Stop the Bleeding

Diesel spilt a double header against Brother Jimmy's thanks to Edgar Jr 1-0 shutout in game 2. The win stopped the bleeding and halted Diesel 3 game losing streak. Afterwards Special Softball Analyst and former Edgar Jr manager John Sheppard had the following analysis


  1. John sheppard is a crackhead.

  2. I wanted to face Edgar the 1st game!!!
    Since we were young, we never played against each other,always on same teams. It was going to feel weird,so in a way im glad we didnt.
    1-0, lucky i wasnt there to get my texas leaguer in there for a RBI!!!! :)
    Good game Ricky and gang!
    Jimmy Meyers

  3. Why didn't you say anything about the awful umpires who just wanted to get out of the rain and made an obviously wrong call to prevent the game from being tied in the 7th? You always rail on the umps when the calls go against you.

  4. 2 things: If you read my note- i made a joke about Diesel being lucky i wasnt there or i would have had a famous texas leaguer single.

    Well, since the Umpire made a horrible call as you seen it,now you know why i rail the umps.

    So, i guess the umps were lucky i wasnt there either!!! :)

    Hey Ricky, next time you lean in,im going to JOHN BROWN you,haha. J/K, your my boy.


  5. Hey Jimmy - just to clarify, my comment wasn't directed at your comment. It was for Rick, which he graciously answered at length. By the way JM, the bomb you hit in game 1 was no texas leaguer.

  6. Eric, i thought you were someone from other team and thought i was playing,haha.
    Great game pitched kiddo!!! I heard. I wish i was there to help!
    I felt like i was in my 20's and 30's again on that shot!!! :) but running the bases i was really 40, :)


  7. It was you crackhead under 20's style of base running that made that a HR.
    It was a good shot. Like to see you do that more.
    This is directed at you Jimmy.

  8. Jimmy Meyers can win a game in so many ways. Hitting, pitching,defense ,instincts and now, Heaven help us...with his legs. Not fair.

  9. Thanks Jimmy Bitros and Anonymous!
    Id love to hit more like that but i dont think LFers play off the line and shallow as much as Ralph does, he can go get them but i went for it and it paid off. If i see LF playing shallow or if i have man on 3rd with less then 2 outs,i try to hit deep other then that,im just going for hit or any way to get on base,haha. LOS, Louie Gonzalez, Geo and im sure there are alot more that can go get them but i cant think of names right now. Those guys are great and im glad i play with them most of the time, so i never have to worry about them making highlight catches on me. :)

    Ricky, since you play in so many leagues and are more in touch with so many players, how about a top 20 OF'er list or some other top 20 list. Just for fun.

    Jimmy Meyers

  10. Rickey do a top 100 anything.