Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gift from God

Quietly Ken Griffey Jr. retired yesterday. Truly a great player who undoubtedly would have broken the home run record, without steroids, if it hasn't for all the injuries he sustained in Cincinnati. What I remember the most about Jr. was that he had the most beautiful, fluent, and perfect left handed hitting bat speed/swing/mechanicsthat I have ever seen (aplogize to Ted Williams - who I never saw). Everything he did in the box was on point - he made it look effortless.

I've always said that being a left handed hitter is a Gift from God,, there is no excuse for not being at least a decent left handed hitter in softball for a variety of reasons like base distance, facing primarily right handed pitching, generally weaker fielder's on the right side, etc.
In honor of Ken Griffey's Jr. Excellence, I've consulted my smoking softball idol and retried great left handed hitter in his own right Tommy Higgleson
to post some impressive and different softball left handed hitters, swings and images ranging from power LH hittersbalanced all field threats,line drive strokes and pesky slap left handed hitters who take advantage of their speed
Lefty's - a true Gift from God


  1. look at griffey swing: hips, then hands!!! squish the bug!!!! balance!! motherfucking perfect.

  2. Joel goldman got a good swing.

  3. Easily your best blog to date .....totally fucking hilarious .......but not surprising ,considering whose idea it was . As Jimmy Conway said in Goodfellas , " keep'em coming , kid . "