Saturday, May 29, 2010

Softball Mount Rushmore

Almost everyone has heard of Mount Rushmore
which pays tribute to 150 years of U.S. presidents. Honoring great American Leaders Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln. Well the new hot team in the Big Apple League, Mayaguez, is on fire with an 8-2 start thanks to the leadership and recruiting efforts of their own Mount Rushmore
Brain Trust of :
Jack O Nellie Alvardo
Rudi Robinson (left below reaching into bag)
and Pipo (not pictured).These guys have successfully recruited talented pitching and players from all over NYC and have somehow convinced Central Park legend Enrqiue Perdomo
to come out of retirement and pitch for them. But possibly the greatest recruitment feather in their cap was the enlisting of Taryn as their new #1 fan

They are not a fluke.


  1. There is ric,another team for you to ruin.

  2. That woman seriously needs to get a life, any team that she usually uninvited latches on to is destined to lose. Otherwise, Mayaguez is a good team.

  3. That woman is really ugly.
    You guys can have her.

  4. Take her and you will not win

  5. Looks like a horse.