Wednesday, June 9, 2010

On to the Next One Much Easier Said than Done

I've always believed that losing hurts more than winning feels good, but baseball/softball being the long season/multiple game sport it is most players learn to cope with certain failures and take Jay-Z & Swizz Beat's advice and move "On to the Next One"
but that's so much easier said than done as certain losses make you sick to your stomach and as the saying goes "sticks in your craw".

Last Sunday, Revolution (7-5) beat Diesel"AKA Land of Misfit Toys(7-5)" twice in the Big Apple League. Fucking Twice. Before I go on I would like to clearly say they earned both victories as they simply made more plays in all aspects of the game and should both be congratulated and commended for a winning effort.

All that good classy good sportsmanship shit aside after this game I was

  • Annoyed!!!!!!!
  • Angry !!!!!!!!
  • Irritated!!!!!!!!!
  • Hurt!!!!!!!!!!!

That night I woke up at 4:30 in the morning with an unpleasant feeling in my whole body. But the Harsh reality is that some losses hurt/bother me than others. Why? I mean it's only early June. Shit happens. I could go on and Top Ten why certain losses or this loss in particular hurts more than others, but it all really comes down to 3 things:

  1. I EXPECT MORE!!!!!!!!!!!! so much more.
  2. My main mission with this team is to make the Playoffs for Jimmy
  3. Remove the stigma attached to Diesel that everyone thinks but only a few people say out loud : "It's a Pickup Team full of Pickup Players"

Sunday was an unacceptable step in the wrong direction on all three accounts. This was a total team failure. My favorite NFL team The Jets has had to deal with the "same old Jets" stigma and disappointment for years. Until they had a nice little late January run they didn't get any respect. It's the same way with Diesel, time to move forward. No excuses. Either become a winning team together or lose alone.


  1. Ricky, your Diesel team is so much better this season, but softball is a funny game, you're only as good as your last game. That's why we look forward to the next game. I'm a big J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets fan also. Trust me, not the same old Jets this season. We've also taken some lumps on the Revolution. We were 5-17 last season and already surpassed the win total this season. We are rebuilding to a point where I feel we can compete with the better teams. More importantly, I truly like our guys as individuals and look forward to our BASL Sundays. Your team is good and much improved. Keep the chin up kiddo!

  2. You dont win for an individual person.

  3. Congratulations to a gritty Revolution team who played us as hard as any team this year. Their style of play combined with great defense will take them far this year. Hopefully we'll have the pleasure of playing them again in the finals.

    Regarding anonymous who said "you don't win for an individual person" I agree. I think Rickey was being a good friend and knows how disappointed I am because I am unable to play any league or pickup games, perhaps for the entire season, because of my broken arm.

  4. that shit wil not happen again.......