Thursday, August 30, 2007

Anonymous Classic

The strong reaction to my "Late start West vs. Choice Parts" has been overwhelming.
Thank you and keep them coming.
A few Choice parts players who have read the blog have complained that the comments are bitter and hidden behind an Anonymous" name. They argue that if people are going to speak up they should not be afraid to place their name by their words. There is validity to that argument. But I'm way ahead of that arguemnet b/c back in June under my "Doubleheader" blog I addressed the Anonymous reader comment.

So read below on the Classic Softballinsider blog below

June 2007

My most loyal reader is someone with the unique name of Anonymous.

Mr. /Mrs. Anonymous always has something to say, and most of time the feedback is witty, on point, and original. But why doesn't Mr/Mrs Anonymous come honest and list their real name?

I know why

Top Ten Reasons Why people make Anonymous comments to Softball

10. They don't want anyone to know that they actually read Rick's blog and fear public humiliation if identified
9. Scared of having their identity stolen on the web and used in a card card commercial
8. Too Scared to list their name for fear Rick might write a blog about them
7. They are killing time at work and don't want their Boss to know they are goofing off so they leave no name to reduce the evidence.
6. The person leaving the comment plays for Rick and wants to avoid being benched
5. Why sign a name when everyone knows only Blonde, Astrid (my wife), Evil Palma and John Castillo are the only ones who read my blogs anyway - process of elimination will find the person out - no need to sign
4. Anonymous is in one of Rick's fantasy league competitors and doesn't want Rick upset because he is hoping to get Prince Fielder cheap in a trade
3. They are high when they write a comment and just forget to sign their name
2. Their freaky like that - they even have their lovers call them Anonymous in Bed

and the Number One Why people make Anonymous comments to Softball

1. Who cares !?!?!? Most of time any comment is a good comment because it means people actually read this stuff - HOLLER!!!!!!!!! Extra
P.S. The only way to change things is to speak up and be honest. The Late Start Blog was a sensitive issue b/c it challenged the establishment by provoking thought and fair play. Anything that inspires people to work together and get things done right can't be that bad - even Anonymous comments.


  1. The number 1 reason most ppl leave it Anonymous is because even if your man enough to sign it, which 90% i would but i can guarentee the comments in return would be nasty. So even if you give an honest opinion and its backed up with facts you are going to get backlash from ppl just saying stupid things without signing their name to it. So whats the point. To many things can upset the person who signs it. Its better to just speak your mind and let ppl think about what you said. In the long run you will get the majority view of the situation.

  2. very true- the success of the internet is due to the power of anonymity

    your blog about being anonymous was a joke- you can't hide behind that as your excuse for being "over it"