Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Last Week of Big Apple Season

The Big Apple league wraps up it's regular season this week so....

Top Ten Reasons I'm glad the Big Apple season is ending

10. I suck as a manager -
9. I can't take being around the umps anymore - with few exceptions they are horrible
8. Playoffs?
7. I can stay home and watch football now for 5 months - nothing like wasting money on fantasy football and gambling
6. I'm sick of paying for parking at Tavern on the green
5. My wife is stressing me about getting home after 7pm every Sunday
4. Managing this year has further cemented my place as the most hated man in softball
3. The farther I am from John Rosenmiller the better
2. 28 games is about 3 weeks too long - Due to lack of rain outs a long season and short playoff structure is a bad fit

and the Number One Top Ten Reasons I'm glad the Big Apple season is ending

1. I'm tired about complaining about the illegal pitching


  1. Brown, is legal!

    Stop complaining and hit like a man!!!

  2. Brown is legal because of the Americans with Disabilities Law, you cant ban him because of his normal wrist and arm throwing sidearm and breaking every once and awhile. The league could get sued for discrimanation!!!


  3. If Brown is legal so is every Mexican
    that ran,swam or jumped across the border

  4. Brown is illegal if hes not on your team
    however, if hes on your team
    hes legal!