Friday, August 3, 2007

Why Do People Hate or Hate on Castillo?

Is there a more fascinating, polarizing, and complicated player in all of softball than Castillo?
The mere mention of his name invokes multiple emotions - love, hate, happiness, anger, rage, confusion
I love John Castillo. - most talented player I have consistently played with.
He hardly ever bothers me - I just ignore a lot of the stupid shit he does b/c he's my friend. Maybe that's a problem in and of itself but that's a different issue.
More importantly , Why do a lot people hate or hate on John?

Top Ten Reasons People hate John or hate on John

10. Famous Castillo Power Button - Power On can carry you, Power Off can kill you - predicting which button will be on can be frustrating
9. Famous Castillo Hold Out strategy is all about I'm the best and you need me, now f I don't show up you'll miss me even more and give me bargaining power - HIRED GUN
8. His Funny accent
7. The man has consistent 300+ foot line drive power but is infatuated with slapping the ball to RF - mind boggling
6. He's a Diva - high maintenance - Softball Super model - he's difficult - and clashes with other Divas like Gubi and Jose for example - He can be a Bitch sometimes
5. They just don't understand John - getting mad at him is like getting mad at a little kid - that's why we affectionally call him "El Nino"
4. Jealous? To only a very small extent - people are not jealous of John's talent - they actually want him to be stud player but get frustrated with is antics at time
3. In the movie Bronx tale Robert DeNiro said "There is nothing worse than wasted talent" - John isn't wasted talent - but he gets people mad sometimes b/c he shows up late or doesn't show up, or gets frustrated on the field - A player of his caliber should always lead - like Spiderman's uncle told him "With Great Power comes Great Responsibility"
2. He's a good person but let's be honest sometime she does stupid shit to piss people off

and the #1 Reason People hate John or hate on John

1. Why does the Sun go up in the morning and the moon come out at night - That's the way it is

P.S. I fully realize that Castillo will hold this blog against me for the rest of my life - and will miss at least 3 weekends of Knockout softball this fall


  1. Ricky is sabotoging Knockout cause Gallaghers suck.

  2. I love Johnny castillo he is a real friend.....

  3. I will take my chances with Johnny against anybody...