Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I've written a lot of blogs and a lot of bullshit but the feed back about on my last blog was classic so much so that I will post it as a blog in and of itself to further expose Rosenfishy as the manipulative evil Sith softball lord that he is - he is problem #1 in the Big Apple league - too bad great fields and good players are cheated b/c of him

Anyway, enjoy the comments .. you guys are awesome

"LATE START - something smells Rosenfishy" -

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Anonymous said...

I laughed my ass off when i saw the late start. It goes to show, John Brown is the whole team. The guy is a great pitcher. If it was a single game, id say 100% i agree with getting whatever they want. However, being that its a 2 out of 3 series have some faith in the rest of the team. 3pm is to late, 2pm is a better compromise because of daylight, if it goes 3 games. If we go 2 games and then have to come back another week then they will have Brown again. Teams play without their ACE SP and won, lets see CP try it. I dont think they can win without him so what the hell, go for whatever advantage you can if you have a choice. They wont impress me if they win. You think any team Brown plays with wins without him? Thats why leagues need to change or enforce PITCHING RULES!!! Thats why ill always root for the UNDERDOGS!!

August 27, 2007 10:17 PM

Anonymous said...

You are sooooooooooo right. Anything to finally beat us or, if they get their wish, WC. He's all about BS and now he's showing his true colors which everybody already knew about anyway. SAD!!! How is the league letting him get away with it? He has more power than the commissioner?


August 28, 2007 5:42 AM

Anonymous said...

Best of 3 playoff series start at 3pm? Completely ridiculous!!!. This league has been exposed this year as a joke. The scheduling was ridiculous, most of the umps are bad/indifferent, some rules are unfair and dumb, the pitching guidelines are non-existent (slingers roam free). Only 2 good things in the Big Aple league: the fields, and for the most part, the players. All else needs an overhaul and it should start the top with the commissioner.

August 28, 2007 6:47 AM

Anonymous said...

Why dont they just list start time as TBA-WBS. To Be Announced When Brown Shows. I would respect that because your up front. We all know other teams dont want to face Brown, thats no secret. I heard at a meeting John Rosenfishy voted to have Brown not in league until he was reported to join CP, then his integrity went out the window.HaHa. Lets hope it starts at 3pm on the dot, no 15 minute forfeit time or batting practice BS. Have some real umps with guts to call illegal pitches, wishfull thinking on my part.

August 28, 2007 10:27 AM

Anonymous said...

If the Bombers or Excelsior.... two teams with only 3 wins each.... had John Brown as one of their pitchers, they would probably make the finals or win the championship. All they would have to do is score one or maybe two runs.

Maybe we should think about making the league a true modified league next year. The games would be more exciting and the fielders would have something to do.

August 28, 2007 10:49 AM

John Albert said...

As manager of West, I totally agree with some of the comments made here.
1.Umps are pretty bad, please have 4 best umps on the 9th, please.
2.Only reason we are starting at 3PM is because of John Brown.
3.CP's Doc has been there all year and they have won, but obviously he is not trusted enough to win for his team. John C. should also take this as a slap in the face.
4.But on the other hand when you are in 1st, it's you're perogative!
5.The only thing that really bothers me about this is having to possibly play 4 games on Championship Day. This is BULLSHIT!
You're tired after 2 or 3 games, but 4, GARBAGE!

August 28, 2007 11:31 AM

Johnny said...

Lets make this a lob ball league next seaso? the bombers in the chip? maybe? Rick you lost to Cedrick not Brown....

August 28, 2007 12:46 PM

Anonymous said...

Doc and JC are used to being bitch-slapped. Why dont they just stay home, even if they win how could they celebrate as a "team". Id feel like a used piece of meat. Their teammates wont even thank them for getting the choice to decide when they play since they won 1st place. I guess you could look at it like that, Doc and JC did their job by getting them to 1st place so they could decide when and where to play. Im shocked we arent playing in Red Hook. Who knows, we have 2 weeks to see whatelse is up JR's sleeve. Maybe CP is spraying the fields or the drainage pipes are sticking out of the grass so the games have to be moved!haha

August 28, 2007 7:41 PM

rosemiller serves fatboy donutsis that a crime? said...

yeah you are all so right- john brown has all the wins this season and choice parts sucks with out him-i mean no defence -no hitters- its all about the illegal pitching.....NOT... you whiney scared bitches just face it choice parts is going to sweep the fields with red mesh jerseys when this season is over.

August 28, 2007 8:17 PM

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