Thursday, August 23, 2007


Elimination. One word says it all.

Tonight I was eliminated in a softball league (thank god I hadn't had a hit there in 4 games).

Sunday I'm up against Working Class and Cedric, el pitcher de wa wa, and you better believe they will be out to eliminate us and move on (I know your reading Marty).

Elimination is part of life and part of softball.

Time to Top Ten

Top Ten things that strike you about Elimination

10. They are both sudden and abrupt. Kaput you lose and it's like months and months of blood, sweat, and tears are all gone.
9. It's permanent - you can't go back and change the past
8. Emptiness
7. You have to find your own unique way of dealing with it
6. It pushes you to play harder - gives you a sense of urgency, makes you take risks - You fight so hard to avoid it - but you know the Grim Softball Reaper is coming for someone you just don't want it to be you
5. Like Apollo said in Rocky III "There is no tomorrow"
4. You find yourself saying "What if I had done this" - basically 2nd guessing and window shopping
3. The words "We'll get em next year" - offer little condolence
2. It sucks

and the #1 Thing that Strikes you about Elimination

1. Like an ex-girlfriend that left you it's over -only you don't even get breakup sex out of it


  1. Ah, New York Softball ain't nothin' like the 16-inch game we play in Chicago!

    "Elimination is part of life and part of softball."

    It is a drag, isn't it? But, like Rocky said in Rocky VI, "I think I still got something in the trunk." Ain't no one beat til they stop playing.

    Elimination will make next year's victory that much more satisfying.

    Press on!

  2. 16 inch balls in chicago? you sissy.....