Friday, August 3, 2007

The Softball After Party Ghetto Zagat Review

Some people play softball to win.
Some people play softball for exercise.
Some people play for fun.
But after softball most people like to drink, party, and be merry.
Like R Kelly sang it's all about the After Party.

I put together the following Ghetto review of some of my more favorite spots for the softball After Party.

**** Excellent Holler!!!!!!!
*** Good - I'm feeling it
** Average - OK
* Horrible!!!!!!
- no stars is as low as you can go

Top Ten Places to go after Softball - Zagat's Rated

10. Bourbon Street Bar - 80th and Amsterdam - Rating * 1/2 - Dive Bar in rich white neighborhood - If your cheap and just out of college this is the place to go - cheap beer, dive place, pretty wack - this place sucks
9. Blonde's - 79th street - Rating *** - great, if not the best, wings, so so TVs, tough to get a seat
8. Brother Jimmy's - Rating **** - love this place - my favorite bar food
7. El Deportivo Restaurant - Hell's Kitchen - Rating *** 1/2 - authentic pureto rican food and low cost - on point
6. El Conde Steakhouse - Washington Heights - Rating ** 1/2 stars Churasco Steak (skirt steak) is huge, affordable prices - only downside is obnoxious loud merengue music than only Gubi could love
5. La Caridad - 77th and Broadway - Rating *** 1/2 stars Cuban/Chinese - rude service is worth the Delicious mix of cultural food - this is hot
4. Bounce - 2nd ave 73rd street - Rating ** - excellent TV's and friendly hoochie mama waitresses, food is mediocre - but it's like a club - fun place to watch a game
3. Mo's Caribbean - 75th and 2nd - Rating * - fucking horrible, AVOID AVOID AVOID !!cheesy, tacky - only time to go is Wednesday's - ladies night when poor drunk single upper east side white females go to pound down $1 margaritas - ghetto
2. CopperSmith's Hell's Kitchen Rating *** - love this place great place to hang after playing life threatening softball at 54th and 11th ave

and the #1 Place to go after Softball

1. MALECON - Rating **** - Excellent - Simply the best chicken and mofongo - love this place - 4 locations - even one located below the great white barrier on 95th and Amsterdam

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  1. Stay out of Hell's're giving us a bad image. People will start to think no shirt sleeve's is our style.