Thursday, September 6, 2007


It's the most beautiful time of the Central Park softball year - The Big Apple Softball League Final Four weekend!!!!!!!! HOLLER!!!!!

Too bad I won't be there b/c my team got bumped, but while I'll be in the Meadowlands screaming like crazy for my J-E-T-S!!!! to upset the Patriots, other less notable upsets in the softball world might take place at Hecksher Central Park.

Let's look ahead and see what the insider thinks are the keys to each game.

Working Cedric's, I uh mean Class, vs. Contact - arguably the premier match up of the entire playoffs. This will be a great series. I have friends on both sides and anyone can win. But that's no fun to wrote so let's get into some meaningless analysis by paralysis.

The game is properly starting at 1pm, just in case it goes three - unlike the Evil Empire vs. West game ( message!! )

The prevailing question is can One stud, albeit slinging, pitcher hold down an army of players infatuated with working the count and grinding out a victory.

History tells us NO as Contact has eliminated John Brown in stunning fashion in 3 consecutive seasons.

So Cedric needs help. Will he get it? Perhaps let's see

Working Class Keys to Victory

(1) Get Cedric there on time - or at least delay for him to get there - rumor has it he won't start game one - that's a mistake. Bob is crafty and a warrior but he is clearly their #2 starter
(2) Hit with men on bases. Against Gallagher's, Working class struggled mightily in this area - Contact's pitching is average. Working class will have there chances - can they cash them in? That depends on #3
(3) Working Class's Top of the Lineup must produce - when Chucky and Mark hit they score - If not it could be long frustrating double play afternoon
. The middle and bottom of Working Class lineup is solid and will do OK but they will only win if the top four hit. If they struggle runs will be impossible to come by against the softball version of the Borg, Contact
(4) Base running. Against Gallagher's Working Class had numerous guys thrown out all over the field. Contact throws behind runners constantly, picks guys off (including embarrassingly me at 3rd with 1 out), and never experiences a Kodak moment - they don't stand around and watch - they exploit runners who are not alert. Working Class need to have good coaching on the bases.

(1) HIT!!!!!!!!!!! - If they get to 5 runs in any game they will win - their defense is that good
(2) Defense - duh - just be Contact
(3) Jack Steinman - notorious clutch hitter - If I was managing I could I would try to pitch around him in key spots. Plus he reads this so I will throw his name in this analysis. If he loses at least he will be at Inwood one week earlier this fall.
(4) Taking pitches - Will this be the week they take too many pitches?

Prediction : Game One starts at 1:20 after Mark and Marty delay start for Cedric and between the intense play and Marc and Marty arguing with the umps all day Game Three ends at 7PM.

Game One Contact 3-2. - Underrated Matty on Contact wins pitcher duel

Game Two - There is no Tomorrow - Cedric throws again as Marty/Mark are forced to pass on Bob. Actually that's probably why they are considering not starting Bob in game one - to avoid pitching Cedric in three straight games and at the same time not diss steady and reliable Bob. Anyway, I say Working Class wins 6-1. Cedric beats Fishman, Fishman removed by Patty in the 4th inning for the slinger with the funny socks b/c Patty found out that Showtime has just fired Fishman b/c he looks too much like horrible boxing analyst Larry Merchant.

Game Three - A classic. EL Pitcher de Wa Wa, Cedric, throws again - 3 games in one day for Cedric takes his toll (yeah right) as he allows like 2 hits in game three - all to Steinman - Contact wins as Jack slaps game winning single past Mark at SS who strains a disc in his lower back reaching for the shot. Marty and Mark ejected for arguing with the umpire about why the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

Speaking of West.....

In the other Semi-Final Match up

West vs. the Wait for Brown Parts at 3PM (nice start time for a 3 game series - I know it's overkill but hey why not)

Choice Parts Key
(1) Brown does not get mugged, hurt, or worn out in the morning while pitching in Red Hook Brooklyn for Clemente
(2) Rosenmiiler manipulates rules and umps to his advantage - will happen at one point
(3) CASTILLO - POWER ON? POWER OFF? - against old nemesis West the POWER WILL BE ON MAXIMUM
(4) The other Brown - Eddie Brown is a stud hitter with power to all fields - very important hitter in the Parts lineup

West Keys
(1) Murphy - say what you want but he is a playoff pitcher and winner - He will show up now that hi sbronx playoffs are over. He needs to lock down Vic - if he is on base for Castillo, Kip and Brown that's bad news
(2) Kill sidearm Doc - winning the non-John Brown pitched game is crucial. Castillo will only pitcher on parts in case of an emergency.
(3) Defense - That's how Contact beats fly ball hitting parts. Hector, Dino, and crew need to have big games
(4) Fuck it hit John Brown - they have too - if not it's Inwood on Sept 16th - oh my bad maybe game three will be that day

(5) Will Carlos Con pitch sling? Probably not, but it is an option and a weapon against Brown's slinging


Game One - Prideful West players like Colon. Meyers, and Angelo will not simply give up or in to Parts - I see a 4-2 Parts win in the opener with Murphy threatening to kill an ump. You will know if West i sdone if you see GEorge Colon not run out grounders or fly outs.

Game Two - With the skies darkening West hangs in long enough as the bats wake up to post a wild 9-8 win. Last out recorded on a controversial trap catch that no one could see in the darkness.

Game Three - not started Rick writes another obnoxious blog

Good Luck everyone


  1. It's STEIMAN without the "N"!!!!!!!! My prediction, in the immortal words of Mr T, "rain".

  2. I loved the comment about trapped catch to win game but cant see because of darkness!!!!
    Jimmy Meyers

  3. Three game series starting at 3pm this Sunday which chances are won't start at 3pm?

    Is everyone going to bring flashlights and point them towards the field???

  4. Long live the evil empire................

  5. WE SHOCKED THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!


    Jimmy Meyers

    Choice Parts- my hats off to you guys, i never thought we could do it. At 40 years old and playing in CP since '86 this was one of the best series i ever played in. I never would have put money on us if we were allowed to bet,haha

  6. Great series. Adios EVIL EMPIRE. John goes down twice. Dosen't get better than that. Next!!!!
    Better luck next time with your predictions Ricky. Love the site.