Saturday, August 4, 2007

Who Truly Loves Castillo?

Castillo week continues

If I can write a Blog on why people hate John it's only fair I write a blog about the people who love John Castillo

Top Ten People Who Love John Castillo

10. Pete Martinez - Pete loves John. John affectionately calls him "Pops". Pete gives John tough love at times. Pete's colorful pimp dressing style is a Castillo favorite
9. Blonde - Blonde is true friend to John because he tells him Fuck Off to his face for his own good.
8. Rick - Brother Relationship - no explanation necessary
7. Bob - Love of John and his playing ability almost rivals Bob's love of his only son Michael. The need for John is always there - I once lied and told Bob John was looking for parking and Bob put him in the lineup even though John was nowhere near the park
6. Gubi - Loves to torture John dying to write a Top Ten about Castillo called "Top Ten Choke Artists"
5. Pedro - Cardinal goon forfeit avoider - Obsession with John similiar to a teenage girls obsession with Justin Timberlake
4. John Rosenmiller - Choice Parts has to have all the nice toys underneath their Christmas tree
3. Jimmy Bitros - truly loves John. Jimmy is an excellent person who always sees the good in people and genuinely wants to help - even lost causes like Ricky, John and the rest Los Locos
2. Palma - duh

and the Number One Person (or group) that Loves John

1. Loafers - Danny, Seth, and the rest of the boys adore John. John can do anything he wants, Once John didn't want to walk and swung at a 3-0 pitch that the pitcher bounced and they laughed. - They now he's one of the best and a difference maker - They usually only see the Hired Softball Stud Power of version of Castillo


  1. I also love John because of his great artistic talent brought to life by the lovely Palma

  2. Johnny is an uplifting friend..

  3. Johnny's like a little kid....

    Always excited about playing a kids game! Everyone feeds off of that.