Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Panic Room

I'm in a best of five championship with my job Merrill Lynch against Morgan Stanley in the Wall Street league out in Red Hook. This is a long series for softball, most softball playoffs are usually only 2 out of 3 on the same day. We won game one, but we got totally outplayed in game two and now I sense a bit of Panic.

Panic Room was a horrible movie starring Jodie Foster and going into the Panic Room to press the Panic Button in softball is even uglier.

Top Ten Reasons You Know your team is panicking

10. BLAME BLAME BLAME!!!!! - you do more Finger pointing and 2nd guessing than running, hitting, catching, and throwing
9. You start thinking about losing instead of how to win
8. You worry too much about how good they are, instead of remembering to do the things that got you there - You forget that your good too - Lack of Confidence
7. The other team talking trash and heckling is starting to get to you
6. You make too many changes trying to cover up one hole that you open up another -
5. You feel nervous on the field - you expect the bad to happen
4. You make more Excuses for poor play than Lindsey Lohan does for falling off the wagon
3. You feel like you have to out slug your opponent all at once instead of being patient
2. On Merrill Lynch I know when we are panicking when Willie J starts going postal criticizing everyone, gets major mood swings, and warms up in the bullpen for 2 hours even though he has pitched like 7 innings all year

and the #1 Reason You Know your team is panicking
1. You've done it before


  1. Are the Mets in that room?

  2. Hi Big Apple League,
    I see the players have finally woke up to realize the 3rd Reich is not dead but alive within the league. It will corupt the environment and do whatever it needs to win. I know first hand from experience and at last others are seeing it. A strong commish is needed to make the league more compatable with the talent of most of the players. Who am i? Just think back.