Thursday, August 2, 2007

Ghost Writer Dio Jackson

Softball High Profile Manager Dio Jackson, a noted West Lover, has written the following blog and I'm going to print it so check it out it's pretty much on point

Top Ten Reasons Why Dio Loves West

10. They won 4 Inwood Chips. Back to back to get it. To be
the best, you gotta beat the best.

9. Who wouldn't fall in love with these guys. Probably only Johnny C.

8. Geo and Hec...nuff said.

7. They reminded me of my Yankees, the dynasty team.

6. John Albert. One of the best softball managers out
there. Was a pleasure going up against him for the
chip. He made me think. Opened up my psycho mind.

5. Love/Hate relationship with Angelo (Tony Soprano).
Played on the same little league team with him. Will
always have that City Sluggers connection.

4. Their starting pitching. How and where do they
find these guys?

3. How many Colon brothers are there? Will always
have 9 to play. Never have to forfeit. And can still

2. They celebrated with us (the Highlanders) when we
beat them for the Inwood Chip. Showed a lot of class.
Took photos with us.

and the # 1 reason why I admire West Players...

I won my first softball championship with them in
Chelsea as Hell's Kitchen (pretty much the same West
players). They showed me what it takes to WIN. The
rest is history...



  1. nicely done Dio, how about you start your own blog:

  2. Who is this West team anyways? Is that those old drunk guys who used to win the Inwood league years ago? John Sheppard is retiring from softball and training to be the first Coors Light sponsored racer in the tour de france.

  3. Dio you will never win another championship again...

  4. Whoever turns down a player like Castillo is a straight up loser....

  5. Picking up Castillo is like getting Herpes from a'll regret that encounter for the rest of your life

  6. Whoever wrote that comment about herpes.....just ask your mom...