Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Inwood Vibe "The Return of Championship Manager"

Inwood Week 7 "Position" and Playoff Week got off to a good start with the Unexpected Return of 
John "Championship Manager" Sheppard

As for the onfield action:

Afternoon News
  • The Best 2-8 team ever, Las Aguillas Shocked Los Bizcocheros and Advanced to the Afternoon league Finals winning 4-3 & 8-7.
  • Parilla stayed undefeated, sweeping the Kings, and now play Las Aguillas in the best of five series.

Morning News
  • The Hard Hitting Brew Crew and Scrappy Sandlot both earned post season berths by splitting a pair to earn the 8th and 7th playoffs positions, respectively.
  •  In game one, Old School clinched 1st place thanks to 2 homers by Jrod and timely relief pitching by Mickey P
Classy Wolf Pack showed love and respect to the Softball gods by returning a jacket, helmet and glove to Old School that they picked up the week before. Very Classy and Thank you

After game one, Wolf Pack left to finish a softball commitment elsewhere, but before rushing out SBI caught up with Two Inwood Legends Nelson and Georgie to get more information on why their schedule is so hectic?

  • The Inspired HK continued their winning ways by sweeping the Panthers to clinch the 2 seed.
  • The NY Tigers slugged their way to a game one 16-15 victory over Red Rage. The Tigers actually led 14-9 in the 7th, until the Rage scored 6 to take the lead only to see the Tigers scored 2 in the bottom of the seventh for the victory. The win propelled the Tigers to the the 6th seed in the Playoffs. Congratulations Edwin.
  • The Scrappers unloaded a Tank of Whoop Ass on the Dodgers and earned the 5th Seed
  • Los Selecionados selected  this Sunday to produce a huge offensive day and clinch 4h place with two big victories over Chaos
Playoffs Next Sunday.

Old School vs Brew Crew
Hell's Kitchen vs. Sandlot
WolfPack vs. NY Togers
Selecionados vs Scrappers