Tuesday, October 21, 2014

There is Another Jet Skywalker

There is Another Skywalker

No not Leia, Alexandra, or Caley rather the Jets have acquired Percy Harvin

to bring Hope to the long suffering fans.

There is now a Reason to Watch Jet games agai. He have Hope of getting better.

Yes he has a dark side.
Yes he has demons.
Yes he is thug.

But let's be honest.
  • We need play makers.
  • The NFL is Full of Thugs
  • We were not going 3-13 to get a top pick anyway.
I love this trade.
  • This Trade wasn't about selling tickets and getting attention

  • This Trade wasn't about carrying out a personal vendetta against your best "Diva" player

  • This trade was about getting better.

There is no financial, clubhouse, or winning risk in this trade.

Great move regardless of the outcome.

Give him the ball 20+ times a game. It makes the whole team better.

There is Hope.Now Play Football. Not Fools ball.

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  1. Having smoked a copious amount of weed - I here declare the Jets will win the rest of their games this season! On a serious tip though - had the Jets simply way back signed Kyle Orton instead of trading maaad picks for Mark Butt fumble (and don't give me that crap about how Mark Butt fumble took them to the afc championship 2 years in a row - the Jets Team got them there and they had to have a lot of things go right for them to be there - Had they remained more loyal to the players who played hard for them instead of making "Business decisions" Tebow, cutting Cothcery, letting Cromartie go and then begging for him to come back, dumping Danny Woodhead for a 4th tight End... Signing Michael Prick... If Geno is a real quarterback then The Jets can potentially win their division if they go 9 and 7 - the Percy Harvin addition gives them a fighting chance.