Wednesday, October 1, 2014

There's $4,495 of Gold Up in Them Inwood Hills

In 1848 Gold was discovered in California and a Gold rush took place. Hence, the expression "There's Gold Up in Them Hills" was coined (excuse the corny $$ reference).

Last weekend there was Gold up in Inwood Hill Park, Hearts of Gold that is

as numerous people and players both from above

and below 96th street

gave their time, generous donation dolars , and effort into making the 1st ever

a very good event.

As the Competition and Players were Good

Enthusiasm was High from Beginning to End

People Played to Win

Leadership was on display
Dio Jackson came out of retirement and was on a mission to Fight Cancer
Renegades were Warriors
and The Behavior/Sportsmanship Mostly Good

as the softball and Inwood Community Good was out in Full Force

to Fight Cancer.

There were some mistakes that next year we will address:

But the good so far exceeded the bad as at the end of the day the Event Raised an
Impressive  Pot of Gold 

for The Cancer Research Institute "CRI" 

As my donation page currently has $4,495!!!!! on it

That so far exceeded my goals and dreams. 

As for the Winner of the Event, that honor went to Ronda's Grocery

led by Tourney MVP Knuckle Lou Robles and Manager Dio Jackson

I have so many people to thank for this event as mad people showed love and respect.

  • All The Donors
  • All The Volunteers
  • All The Managers - Jason, Larry, Joseph, Eddie, John Rosenmiller, and Dio
  • All the Players
Cancer is relentless and everyone's dedication to making this event a success was Relentless.

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