Thursday, October 9, 2014

"Hate to Say I Told You So" so Sit Back and Enjoy the Show

Fuck Fall Softball for a few minutes and let's talk football.

Usually I hate the expression ""Hate to Say I Told You So, but I told you so"  and in this case I really hate to say it because in regards to the 2014 Jets "I told you so" last winter in my Jet goon blog "Letdown Blog PosterChild... 45 years and counting"

This year's Jet team sucks and is so bad that our "Quarterback" didn't even go to a team meeting Saturday night "in preparation" for a Sunday Game with the Chargers b/c supposedly "he went to the movies"

We lost 31-0. Pathetic. Our record is now 1-4 and now it's time to say "46 years and counting" for my beloved Jets.

I'm angry.
I'm hurt.

All I can hope for now is a top draft pick. I love this stupid team, and I'm sick of losing sick, Sick of embarrassing off the field shit. Sick of it all. Enough.

So in Honor of Geno Smith night at the Cinema:

Top Ten Reasons You should go to the Movies Instead of watching the NY Jets

10. Rex Ryan. He stayed one year too long. He has No discipline. No grasp of an offense. Mismanages injuries. Mismanages timeouts. No Balls. No Leadership. He's gotta go!!!!!!!!

9. Plenty of Movies have happy endings. There is no happy ending for 2014.

8. Jets are on a 4 game losing streak. No we play Denver and New England Next. J-E-T-S = Just End The Season.

7. Geno's backup Michael "Dog Killer" Vick didn't prepare all week or practice either for the Chargers. Vick has no desire to play he's just collecting a check. Fuck Vick. He's a dick.

6. It’s a passing league. We can't pass and can't defend pass. Terrible. I'd rather watch a corny Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy than this horror show.

5. Geno who is off to a brutal start and obviously does whatever he wants without repercussions
Fuck Geno. 

Next time I have a meeting at work and miss it let's see what happens when I tell my boss I'm at the movies. 
Fuck Geno. 

He’s just as bad as Sanchez. He has a good arm, is fast, and strong but he's too dumb and obviously doesn't prepare. Just like Sanchez. Impossible to root for him.

4. Speaking of rooting, the Movies has Heroes like Wolverine, Captain America, or Iron Man to root for. This team has no one I want  to root for. No one. 

3. The Stupid Owner, Woody Johnson, let his personal feelings about Diva Revis keep him from re-signing Revis. 

Stupid. Fucking Stupid.

So what happens the hated Patriots sign him.

Steinbrenner or Rosenmiller would never do that.

2. We haven’t drafted offense in the 1st round in 5 years. Stupid. Just fucking stupid. A dumb and dumber movie is smarter than this team. 20 Million under cap unused to make us better. Stupid

and the #1Reason You should go to the movies Instead of watching the NY Jets

1. Until they take out the Lysol out and clean house no sense in watching.
46 years and counting now. I don't want it to be 47. Fire Ryan by Thanksgiving

Enjoy The Show

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  1. You say : " let's see what happens when I tell my boss I'm at the movies."
    What happens when you tell you boss you're playing softball on a Tuesday afternoon?