Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Softball's Version of Arod

In 2014 Alex Rodriguez was Suspended by MLB for the entire season for allegedly obtained performance-enhancing drugs as part of the Biogenesis baseball scandal. A-Rod at first denied everything

but eventually dropped his appeal and spent a year in shame.

Unfortunately, Softball now has it's version of A-Rod as my boy Gil Gonzalez Sr has been suspended from Noble Avenue Softball League for the Entire 2015 season.

As has been well document on SBI, Candela's  has had it's problems in 2014, but despite all of Gil's managerial madman rantings and ravings they were in the championship.

Championship Situation:  Down 2 games to 1. It rained on two consecutive September and October Saturdays.The first Saturday all games were canceled (As an aside even when it rains everyone goes to the field to hang out).

On the second rainy Saturday game time for game four of the series was 12pm. The league commissioner informed Gil at about noon that the new game time was 4pm. Gil said that it was too late and his team could not play at the time. It should be noted it was rainy and cold at noon that day. Terrible conditions for Softball. As a result, commissioner Ramon charged Candela with forfeited which eliminated them for the series. In addition, Gil was handed a suspension as manager for the entire 2015 season because of the forfeit.

Insider Analysis #1:They hate him in Noble. He's a wrap in 2015.

As crazy as Gil is, and as much fucked up shit he put me through this year, he's actually right on this one. A four hour delay on an ugly cold rainy day is ridiculous. But this UGLY situation and it is UGLY is part in parcel proof that the softball gods exists.

Gil loves Noble. This hurts him

Insider Analysis #2

Am I happy this happened to him? Half Yes Half No. I was hated on him to lose but I would have preferred it with him on mound. This is insane

The Softball Gods exist

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  1. If Jeff Marcus was commissioner , y'all niggas wouldn't had no delay .