Thursday, January 2, 2014

Letdown Blog PosterChild... 45 years and counting

After some of my more deeper emotional blogs I'm due for Letdown and when your searching for a Letdown who better than to blog about than my beloved than the NY Jets

They are the Poster Child for Letdowns

45 years and counting

What do they Jets have to do with softball? Actually football has a lot in common with softball, but we will leave that topic for another day. Let's back to football and in my best All Bundy voice
2 things I'm sure about is:
(1) I will always play softball
(2) And the day after I die the Jets will win the Super Bow
Let's get to the State of the Jets. They just went 8-8 and acted like they won the Super Bowl
Did I Miss something?

8-8 only yields apathy from me and reminds me of a favorite quote of mine from the Pop queen of controversy Madonna "“ have an iron will, and all of my will has always been to conquer some horrible feeling of inadequacy…My drive in life is from this horrible fear of being mediocre.” 

An 8-8 record to me is Mediocre and is not inspiring. Rather it is the worst record you can have in the NFl as you are right in the Middle. In the Middle sucks, your not good, your not bad. In baseball you wanna be strong up the middle defensively, but in football you never want to be in the middle in terms of your record. No playoffs. No Championship. No top draft pick. Nada

The Jets spin is that they over achieved and now are 40 million under the salary cap plus 9 draft picks.The Truth is Ryan did deserve to come back next year b/c the team is closer to 4-12, than 8-8 as there are numerous teams with worse records than us that are better or just as good as the Jets - Steelers, Lions, Falcons, Ravens, etc. We still don't have:
  1. A Proven QB
  2. Any WR's
  3. Any TE's
  4. Basically No Offense and a Head Coach who doesn't know how to run an offense
  5. Our defense wore down towards the end because our offense was so bad.
  6. A Smart Secondary as we traded away Revis. Cromarte is not a leader and will never take a pay cut. He's gotta go
  7. Speaking of Leadership. That's what we need. On the field play makers who make no excuses and lead by example

It's been 45 years and counting. I'm sick of mediocrity. It's such a Letdown


  1. 17 and 5 > the 17th pick in the draft was traded up for the 5th pick in the darft and used to select Mark Sanchez >> let's try that again this year with the 18th pick in the draft > where do we need to be to draft Johnny Football?

  2. so sorry for an out-of-context comment.. but do you mind if i email you? I'm looking for some contact info for someone.. please drop me a line on AT (or reply with a link I can get you on). It's something that might be a bit of fun in the spring, but I need some peoples numbers! Thanks in advance Softball Junkie.