Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Inwood Above 96th Street Vibe .. Loch Ness Monster approves of his Champions and the Natural

 Inwood Above 96th Street Vibe .....
  1.  Softball Loch Ness Monster
  2. Line = Chip Time
  3. Thrill of Victory and Agony of Defeat
  4. Nobody Better
  5. Inwood Salute to Longtime Friends
The insider would also like to personally congratulate Hustler-West ace and avid blog reader
Edgar Gonzalez Jr"The Natural"
 who not only won Championship MVP by hurling two gems but also on being the best softball player's version of the biggest loser   Edgar has lost over 50 pounds and finished the season performing at the highest level. Very proud of you.


  1. Edgar Jr looks great and is a really strong, solid player. Glad he's doing so well. He deserves it.

    jack s

  2. Edgar is a true Champion and more importantly a gentleman. Out of all the players who are no longer playing on our team,losing Edgar was our biggest disappointment in so many ways. Pressure pitcher, good guy. filthy riser, team player and a strange sense of humor always lurking just below the surface.

    Ricky told me you pitched two gems. on Sunday. We'll maybe it was more like "That f--king Edgar beat us twice on Sunday" Forget about how he said, it, knowing you, as always, you did what you had to do to keep your team in the game. Congratulations.

    Edgar....I wish you, your dad and your family a Happy Thanksgiving

    Jim Bitros

  3. how come there ain't no white crackers in the Inwood league ? .....smells like reverse racism !