Thursday, November 10, 2011


A few weeks ago I experienced a first, I went to a Rutgers college football game (free tickets of course). Having grown in the Northeast where college football isn't very popular I was never a fan of Saturday gridiron action, but I was opened minded and pleasantly surprised at the level of enthusiasm, energy, spirit, and competition. Despite this pleasant event my Northeast biased toward college football did not change for several reasons:

  1. No matter what they say NCAA football is a business. I hate it when they say shit like "best interest of the university and student-athlete". Stop. They don't charge over $100 a ticket for charity, they want to get paid.
  2. No playoff systems, polls are used instead. They have stuck with the Bowl system for years b/c it's a money maker instead of creating a playoff system to crown a true champion. Wack
  3. Like all sports its ruthless and cutthroat. Everyone wants to win. Winning leads to more money from alumni. advertisers, and TV Networks. I have no problem with wanting to win, but what I do have a problem with is they pretend they have morals. They are a bunch of Phonies

This week this phoniness was exposed yet again as arguably college football flagship program, Penn State, the blueprint for how intercollegiate sports was supposed to work, a harmonious balance of academics and athletics that ensures players would be better men when they left became the Great Cover-up. It was revealed the disgusting and heinous crime of child abuse/rape by one of it's coaches in 2002 was covered up. Nothing was done about it. Nothing. Fucking Sick

Sorry there is no excuse for gross indifference. Heads must roll for this and they have. Penn State's "Trustees" issued the following statement ""We thought that because of the difficulties that engulfed our university -- and they are great -- it was necessary for us to make a change in the leadership and to set a course for new direction," said Penn State board of trustees vice chairman John Surma, chairman and CEO of U.S. Steel.
Board of Trustees
"The university is much larger than its athletic programs."
Yeah now they do something - Phonies. Don't know why those guys are called Trustees because I don't trust them. In fact they are not trust worthy at all as the only reason they are on that board is because they donate a lot of money to the school. This was sad and yet again another example of how the NCAA is hypocritical, corrupt, phony. After this horrific incident the NCAA should be punished and have their name changed to PCAA - Phony Collegiate Athletic Association.

The "Trustees" fired pretty much everyone including head coaching legend Joe Paterno who should have done more and he now realizes it. "This is a tragedy," Paterno said in the statement.
Joe Paterno 
"It is one of the great sorrows of my life. With the benefit of hindsight, I wish I had done more."

It's too late for apologies.


  1. This story is incredibly depressing but it is not about the NCAA. It is about the strong preying on the weak, and that happens anywhere the opportunity presents itself.

  2. I am heartbroken. A bunch of COWARDS...all of them. Read this: