Wednesday, November 30, 2011

On the path to Ocho Ocho their only sin is mediocrity

At 6-5 the Jets 
only sin is mediocrity (Martha Graham) as they seem to have their sights on earning the worse record you can have in the NFL - Ocho Ocho (8-8). So far they have just been a streaky team that regresses to the mean. Plain old Average.When you go to a game your happy and hyped at the tailgate
 but once you get inside their lackluster and stupid play just puts you to apathetic sleep
and makes you lose focus on the game at hand
 as you are resolved to the grim reality of mediocrity. The number one target of the fans venom is poster boy and QB Marc Sanchez
  Sanchez is a maddening/frustrating player
 but the truth is he is not the biggest problem. They have holes all over:
  • No pass rush - none
  • Below average Safeties
  • Mediocre Linebackers (except Harris)
  • Special Teams once a strong point has been terrible lately
  • Average Offensive Line
  • Average Running Backs
but no matter if Sanchez throws two, three

or even four Td's in a game

the fans are still not happy
as he always gets blamed. It comes with the QB territory I guess, but to be fair he's also average at this stage of his career. In any case, they have five games left and unless they get their act together soon Ocho Ocho seems like their destiny. No one should inspire to be average especially at the prices they charge as they owe it to the fans to rise above mediocrity.

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