Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sad Insider remembers worthwhile idol

Most of my idols let me down. Andy Rooney
  was an exception.

He died Friday night, only a month after delivering his 1,097th and final televised commentary.  One his best quotes was "I obviously have a knack for getting on paper what a lot of people have thought and didn't realize they thought, And they say, Hey, yeah!' And they like that."

Rooney opinions occasionally got him in trouble, but he was always honest toward his audience and more importantly to himself. He said he probably hadn't said anything on "60 Minutes" that most of his viewers didn't already know or hadn't thought. "That's what a writer does," he said. "A writer's job is to tell the truth." He was grumpy, blunt, rude, obnoxious, but when it came to the Truth he never let me down.

He will be missed and I vow to keep his journalistic commitment to truth alive.

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