Friday, November 4, 2011

SB Homeland

My favorite new fall show is Homeland (highly recommend)
which is a dramatic and psychological series where the lead CIA operations officer (Carrie) has come to believe that an American Marine (Brody),

who was held captive by Al-Qaeda as a prisoner of war, was turned by the enemy and now poses a significant risk to national security. Even if I didn't get free showtime I would get it or go to someones house to watch it. Heavy Duty Show

Picking a TV show is no different than picking a softball team. Let's explore:

Top Ten Ways Picking a TV Show is Similar to Picking a Softball Team

10. Investment of TimeBoth take up your valuable time so make sure they are a right match for your entertainment needs.

9. Imagination - Plot
If a show just copies the same format over and over again it gets tired and boring. I mean how times can you watch Three's Company? It's the same thing every episode. No imagination. Same thing in picking up a team, Does winning the league capture your attention or are you just showing up to get at bats?

8.  Characters
You need talented, diverse, and believable characters on TV show and a team that you can connect with

7. Chemistry
Good interaction/teamwork between actors and softball players is a must - related to #8 above

6/5.   Provocative Programming & Goals
Does the show and your team tackle difficult issues and challenges (teams) or are you just selling out for ratings and easy wins.

4/3.   Emotional Connection and Commitment
If you miss a show do you care? If not quit. Same thing with a team. I know everyone misses games but deep down true players hate missing action on the diamond.

2. Eye Candy
Does the TV show have hot girls? Does playing softball in this venue let me meet hot girls? Sorry I had to put that one in there for my single readers

and the Number One Ways Picking a TV Show is Similar to Picking a Softball Team

1.The Social Factor
After the show is over do you have someone to talk to it about? If not, the show may not be worth it. Same with softball, if no one you know or plays on the team deems its play worthy of conversation/planning then it may simply be a waste of time.


  1. I guess w/ no NBA and NFL only on Sun & Mon.
    Your limited to these shows.... There's College Game day on Saturday. And soon College Hoops.
    Or you can play some reruns of Sanford and Son, Honeymooners, Odd Couple, Archie Bunker...I guess I'm showing my age now...Ooops...: )