Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Envelope Please... Standard Business Practice A96... Inwood Vibe

Whenever you pay off a wise guy
you have to have an envelope. 
Softball is no different

Top Reason You Always use an Envelope in Softball

10. Professional.
9.   Shiesty
8.   Easy to hide from wife, etc
7.   Trophies are for ten year olds and don't fit in envelopes
6.   Administratively efficient 
5.   Easy to Lose so after you hand it out, so you hope they drop it and then you pick it up or find it
4.   Credit Cards not accepted
3.   Easily fits in your sports bag
2.  Your gonna use up the contents real fast anyway so might as well have it in a package that you can keep close to you    

and the Number One Reason You Always use an Envelope in Softball

1.  Ghetto
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