Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Simple Goon Math : 4 Quarters equals a Bill

Baseball/Softball has no clock.
No time.
No limit.
One of the game's most famous sayings is "It's ain't over till its over", and that very essence of that mantra was on display in this year's fall classic
as the Cardinals mounted not one, but two
of the greatest elimination game comebacks ever.

Football does have a clock.
Time does matter in football.
The game is 60 minutes and limited to four fifteen minute quarters.

Getting off to bad starts is not only an uphill battle against your opponent, but you also have to battle time. Each and every week my beloved goon team, The Jets,  get of to a slow start. They haven't played four good quarters all year. It is a reflection on the coaching staff as to why this team comes out flat on both sides of the ball in each and every week. Shottenheimer isn't exactly Bill Walsh in terms of scripting plays and Rex vaunted D isn't exactly swarming.
This week the Jets come off a week to play a lo and behold surprise 1st place Bill team. Hope someone teaches Rex and the goon crew some simple math : Play four good quarters of football and we will beat the Bill this week. I'm sick of waiting till the end of the game
to play our best ball. Can we play a complete game? Like a championship team is supposed to do.

4 quarters equals a Bill, remember that Jet goons

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