Friday, November 25, 2011

SB Black Friday

Today is Black Friday,  traditionally the beginning of the Christmas season and the busiest shopping day of the year. Most major retailers open extremely early, often at 4 a.m., or earlier, and offer promotional sales to kick off the shopping season. The softball community is down with wheeling and dealing so let's take a look at some stores they might Target (pun intended) today:

Softball Black Friday Shopper: Dio Jackson

 Stores: Anywhere with toys and gadgets - Toys R Us , Best Pod, Apple Store - probably all

I still have nightmares about moving all his toys.

Softball Black Friday Shopper: Bobby Fishman

Store: Rolex. He pitches with a Rolex on ... only the finest. Hell he might take Joel Goldman
with him to haggle a good deal

Softball Black Friday Shopper: Issac "RoadRage" "Guby: Delgado

Store: Any car dealership. Anyone as long as they take cash and sell large vans that run poorly and are too big to fit into NYC parking spots preferred

Turning to Fashion ...

Softball Black Friday Shopper: Lou "22" Gonzalez

Store: Always a sharp dresser and needs to find a place that doesn't sell suits with the #22 on it. I suggest Macy's Men's Store and Men's Warehouse- Your going to like the way your going to look #22

Softball Black Friday Shopper: Me and my A96 People
 Store: Walmart - plenty of wife beaters there

How about sporting goods, well

Softball Black Friday Shopper: Mike Peckins
Store: Paragon Sports

- I mean he is their spokesman

Softball Black Friday Shopper: Angry Jack

Store: Gotta go to Mo's ... Modell's - He definitely camped out

Softball Black Friday Shopper: Dave Nelkin

Store : Sports Authority. Ready to Go at 4AM strong. He definitely camped out

Softball Black Friday Shopper: Lorenzo Gracia and Jason Yudoff

Store: Jet Store - a new jersey might turn the Jet season/luck around

Turning to non essential items

Softball Black Friday Shopper:Tommy Hegelson (right)

Store: None - travels to Indian reservation to buy cigarettes for cheap

Softball Black Friday Shopper: Jack "Bandana Man" Cutler

 Store : ... Forget the Store Casino my man

How about softball people that I know will in no way take part in Black Friday

Softball Black Friday Avoider: Juan "Blonde" Moreiras (sitting in chair below)

 Store: Amazon - strictly on-line ... Softball Loch Ness monster  always keeps a low profile

Softball Black Friday Avoider #2: John "Championship Manager" Sheppard

Store: forget it

Hope everyone finds a good deal today. Holler!!!!!!!!!

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