Friday, August 7, 2015

Franchise Four Softball Managers.. SB Mount Rushmore

Recently Major League Baseball honored every team's top four Mount Rushmore of players

and that got me to thinking why can't we do that in Softball? But instead of players let's do a Sb Mount Rushmore of Softball Managers. My Franchise Four Softball Managers are:

Franchise Four Softball Managers John "Championship Manager" Sheppard, Juan "Blonde" Moreiars, Dio Jackson and Bob Morrello

My criteria for these manager were:
  • Played under for more than five years
  • Knowledge obtained
  • Championship Pedigree
  • Charisma and Entertainment
Upon their selection I interviewed Sb Mount Rushmore skipper for his reaction. Enjoy

Dio Jackson

Bob Morrello


John  "Championship Manager" Sheppard

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  1. Come on Ricky. You know Im a better manager than all three of these guys. But its not as good a blog I understand.