Friday, August 28, 2015

Original Highlander would be proud

"Jack" Doyle was an Irish-American first baseman in Major League Baseball at the Turn of the 20th century

whose career spanned 17 seasons, mainly in the National League.but spent the 1905 with the New York Highlanders. His aggressive playing style earned him the name Dirty Jack,” as he often feuded with umpires, fans, opposing players, and even, at times, his own teammates. On one occasion, in Cincinnati on July 4, 1900, while in the 3rd inning of the second game of a doubleheader, Doyle slugged umpire Bob Emslie after being called out on a steal attempt. Fans jumped from the stands as the two got into it, and players finally separated the two fighters.

Something tells me that Jack would have been proud of the Softball Highlanders who this year played under his name sponsorship to capture the Chelsea Fast Pitch Championship.

The victory marked the Triumphant return of Mount Rushmore Manager Dio Jackson (didn't he retire???? Decide already!)

Gotta give Dio credit, at least he has style, as another championship belt notch was earned

as his talented hard nosed team

defeated Three Time Champion Brugal in a great series. Classy and Talented

Frank "Frankie Fastball" Cammallare was their MVP!

Inwood is next on their list and Dio's Return Tour

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