Thursday, July 31, 2014

Last SB Ride

"Cause after all the glitz and the glam no more fans that are calling your name
Cameras are off, sad but it happens to all of them,.....
But as you gather up all your possessions, If there's anything you have left to say Unless it makes an impact don't bother, 
Behold the final chapter in the saga, 

Trying to recapture that lightning trapped in a bottle, 
Tragic portrait of an artist tortured, Trapped in his own drawings
Tap into thoughts, Blacker and darker than anything imaginable"
....Eminem Bad Guy Marshal Mathers LP II

Recently legendary Softball Manager Dio Jackson

announced the following 

"Fellas I just wanted to to let you know that after much contemplation n discussions w/ Trish...this will be my last ride. Thank you to all who have been there for the team. Your time, commitment and loyalty is greatly appreciated. This is not easy for me. As you know softball is part of my well being but it's time to let it go. All I ask is that we finish this thing off strong. If that's not good enough so be it. At least I'll walk away knowing we gave it our best shot. Some of you may not believe or accept this text but I'm serious. This is it. Thank you for being a Highlander! See you next week...we still have some unfinished business!"

Insider Analysis:
He means it.

GrandPa Dio

Dio has been fed up for softball for a while. He had it with:
  • The Time commitment
  • Paying Players or players demanding annoying stuff/treatment
  • The Cost
  • Inconvenience
  • The state of the game - sling, politics, uneven competition
He will probably only do tournaments, a traveling game, or a Charity event going forward. Just short term commitment stuff, but he's done with running teams during a long season.

It's the Right time for him. Good Call.  

Good Luck Brother

So Dio's retirement got me to thinking about the right situations for a player to retire. 

Let's Explore ....  Top Ten Reasons to go on your "Last Ride" in Softball

10. Managerial Conflicts  - This will be my last ride with Candela on Saturday's. Off the field Gil is cool, 

but Saturday's have been torture in 2014. Great Player. Terrible Manager. 

I am just gonna tune him out the rest of the way and play ball. I refuse to make excuses anymore because of him. Let's finish up this last ride in the BX.

9. Family Commitments - duh

7. Work - duh #2

6. Leaving on a High Note - Lou 22 always told me it's best to leave on Top. He's right

5. Not being able to run to 1st base - I mean it doesn't matter how slow you are. If you can't at least run to first it's time to swipe your softball Metro card one last time.

4. Convenience - If it's is just too hard to get to the game it's time for your last ride . 

3.  If your only in the lineup on Reputation, Legacy status, or because you paid for the team -  it's time to wrap it up.

2. Improvement - If you don't think you can get better or more importantly if you don't want to play better. Then retire.

and the #1 reason to go on your "Last Ride" in Softball

1.  Real World Escape - Within reason when your at a game you should be totally into the game, the experience, the competition, the challenge, the atmosphere. If you can take it or leave it. Then leave it. 

If you don't feel alive out there, even through the bad times, then your just going through the motions. 

Last Ride is Needed.

P.S. I wish I could Blog everyday. Not ready to retire yet. Been too few blogs the last 2 years.


  1. That shirt was mine at CiTi Field.

  2. Quitting to spend time with family, so B96....