Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ghetto Movie Review

How the hell does Major League Baseball (MLB) Network even talk about baseball at this time of year? Hell how do I? I mean its Super Bowl eve, the dead of winter, and only the true diehards are even thinking about the game. For the hardcore, they do it through interviews, player rankings, previews, analysis, and movies. Yes Movies, specifically baseball movies.

To fill airtime and help us navigate through the Void MLB Network has been airing an off season series of baseball movies. Sports movies are a tricky proposition and baseball flicks are literally a hit or miss thing with fans and critics
but a good one is treasure and timeless. Like our game.

Watching MLB's play list selection of movies has kind of given me the urge to play baseball movie critic as I have some experience in both baseball, softball, and cinema criticism realm. My film critic experience is driven primarily from my experiences with my wife. You see when we go to the movies I embarrass her by giving a thumbs up/down

Ghetto review whenever a preview comes up on the screen. When perfuming my ghetto review on a baseball movie I use the same qualities I use to define a good game to define a good movie
  • Realism - too fake or easy is wack in both
  • Competition - good players and actors 
  • Meaning - It's more than just a game
  • Sentimentality - I'm a sucker for heart break
  • Conflict - Tension and Pressure are thrilling
  • Drama - a must, but must happen naturally
  • Fun 
My Top Ten Baseball Ghetto Review list is as follows:

 10. Sandlot
True kids movie. "You throw like a girl" - best line in flick. Very fun.

 9. Major League
Pure late 80s early 90s comedy. You can't take this movie seriously especially Wesley Snipes swing. Yikes

8. Damn Yankees

Yeah I know you’re thinking "that's a musical", but it was also made into a movie. More importantly, who hasn't never contemplated selling his soul to the devil for a hit or win in baseball? Plus every Yankee hater loves the title

7. Bang the Drum Slowly
classic tear jerker. Sorry but this movie does prove "Their is crying in baseball. Uh but that's another baseball movie.

6. Bull Durham - This film is number one on many baseball fans list, but only makes #6 on mine. Great movie and very realistic. Maybe too realistic. However, I cannot deny that it is well made. Crash Davis 
was the Man.

5.Original Bad News Bears - ghetto 70s little league to the fullest.

Coach drinking at the field (coaches still do it). Cursing, Asshole parents. Mean politically incorrect kids. Peer pressure. Little League trauma and drama to the fullest. Awesome

4. Field of Dreams  - 

"If you build it they will come" - true mystical quality takes center stage. Last scene with Costner and ghost Dad catching proves the game is about Fathers and Sons.

3. Eight Men Out 

"Fixing" the World Series. How can you go wrong with that storyline?

2. The Natural - "My name is Roy Hobbs the best their ever was". The softball gods would approve of this movie. P.S. The Wonderboy bat

would sell for a lot more than a Miken

and the #1 Thumbs Up 

Baseball movie on my Ghetto Review is

1. A League of Their Own -

The film captures so many things to perfection: 
  • how precious time is 
  • history
  • family
  • heart break
  • underdogs
and much more.   

Love this film as I never get tired of it. 

My favorite part of the movie is when Geena Davis tells Tom Hanks that she is quitting "because its too hard". he replies "it's supposed to be hard. The hard is what makes it great". 

P.S. You know a film is good when Madonna doesn't mess it up

A critic wouldn't be a critic is he doesn't do a thumbs down baseball movie blog. Soon.

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