Monday, August 3, 2015

True Class.. B/C it's More than Just a game

Yesterday a Remembrance was held for Philly Joe Musetti

 led by classy Big Apple legend Pat Frenni

It was a classy ceremony

with words from legends that came from the heart

Pat sent out the following thank you message last night

Friends of Philly Joe,
On behalf of Joe's family represented today by his niece Gina and grand
niece Sylvia I want to thank you all for sharing in this moment of
remembrance. It was personally gratifying but not surprising to see so many
of you on this beautiful summer day.  Joe had a New York family as well as a
Philadelphia family and we joined together today to insure that he would
always be a part of the ball fields he loved so much.
Rest in peace, Joe, and enjoy the games.

True Class.. B/C it's More than Just a game

Legends Never Die

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