Friday, August 7, 2015

Only thing I Know

Where Do Blogs Come from is a cool Old School posting of mine from 8 years ago that came across my mind today. Whenever I haven't written in a while I like to go rewind back to older topics to see if they can be rebooted or reopened. However, there is a danger in that as sometimes I feel like all I ever do is find different ways to word the same, old blog.

For example, I wanted to do a rebooted on my hardcore  baseball vs softball swing blog from several years ago. I even interviewed my original interviewee John Cordero

Good interview, as John is an excellent line drive power hitter whose hitting opinion I value, but something was off and I decided to scrap the blog. I needed something fresh, or so I thought.

It's too late to start that blog over, but not to late to learn, Lately a lot of softball rage is gone and now I'm frozen cause there's no more emotion for me to pull from. The Truth is scrapping that blog was just an excuse, I was afraid to write the same old boring blog. You can't be afraid to fail. Some postings suck and you gotta take the criticism when people rub it in your face and learn from it. I guess it's like being a good player.. you keep plugging away because you know it's your only outlet and you care about it.

The best thing to rely on right now is my enthusiasm for the game and combine it with my bizarre outlook on life. In other words, Just balance my damn self and  "Stop Giving a Fuck".  That might mean recycling the same, old blog sometimes But I'd rather make "ModCare 2" than quit.

It's the Only thing I Know

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