Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sb Twighlight Zone "The Crossover Episode"

For those of us old school enough to remember the Twilight Zone

you know that a lot of weird bugged out unexpected shit happened on that classic TV Show.Well beginning yesterday I have officially entered the Softball "SB" Twilight zone and after today's events I officially just can't get out.

Yesterday's Softball Twilight Zone Championship episode ended with our Right Fielder getting abducted by Aliens and one of the more accurate throwers of a softball I know tossing the ball into the bathroom. Today's SB Twilight  Zone episode was as follows:

Situation: Game 1 NY Fast Pitch Championship Game
Score: Weintruab (my team) 5  Mashers 3
Inning: Bottom of 7th
Outs: 0
Runners: Bases Loaded
Count on Batter: 3-1
Next : Deep fly ball Right Field. Our RF, Justin, goes back on the ball, has a beat on it, and then BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Translation: Field Cross Over impacted the last play of the game. Justin ran smack dab into some lady playing a Co-Ed game like 400 feet from her game's home plate. She had no business standing there. None. Of course all 3 runs score. Game Over.Final Score Mashers 6 Weintruab 5. That how we lost game one of the finals.

So Bizarre.


I cannot make that up.

Oh yeah, The Mashers undefeated season was preserved on that play. That game will forever be labeled as "The Crossover Game"

Luckily our Big guns

built us a 4-0 lead in game two, but the game was stopped after 4 innings because of darkness.

Patience is a virtue as this suspended game will continue and hopefully so will game three, if necessary, in two weeks as permits are unavailable next week. Hopefully, during this long break I can find some way to convince the softball gods to free me from the SB Twilight Zone.

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