Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back to School

NY Show Business League Championship game

Prime Time 6
Old School  5

It was Intense

It all came down to this: Scored tied bottom of the 9th, starter Jimmy Meyers takes himself out as he hurt his left hip. Rich Collado came in and did great , 1st batter single, second batter filed out then next batter had 0-2 count and hit blooper down right field that dropped. RF threw to cut off but the relay man threw it wide of Catcher and it went through opening of fence. 

Only in softball can you go from one of your greatest, most thrilling victories to one of your worse defeats in one week. 

Just like that. The Softball Gods are Cruel

I know it’s better to lose on the Field than Win by Forfeit, but this was miserable. Miserable. Just fucking miserable, it was over in an instant, now it's Back to School for Old School.

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