Sunday, July 19, 2009

HK + CP + Mr Magoo = No Boredom

The Champions of the two previous Big Apple Campaigns squared off in mid summer battle on Central Park's Hecksher Field 6 today as 2008 Champion Choice Parts "CP" met 2007 winner Hells Kitchen "HK" for an entertaining early afternoon softball tilt.

CP kept their 2009 undefeated season alive in game one thanks in large part to the yo man's effort by spot starter Mickey Peckins. With Doc and Lou 22 unavailable and John Brown "JB" still in Red Hook, Mikey answered the break glass in case of emergency call by his manager and limited the HK offense over the first four innings until JB arrived to sling... I uh mean save the day (Sorry I couldn't resist). Mickey's gun ho pitching effort was backed by a consistent and gritty CP offense that made HK pay for a defensive meltdown. These say good teams make you pay for your mistakes and in the 2nd inning HK let Choice Parts veteran Clay escape from a run down play and paid dearly soon thereafter as Lorenzo blasted a 3 run line drive homer to give them a commanding 4-0 lead. CP added on a pair of tack on runs and behind JB improved to an impressive 17-0 with a clean and neat 6-3 victory.

In game two, HK's balanced and scrappy offense set the tone early by scoring 5 runs in the first two inning off of Brown, not John Brown, rather his talent brother Eddie Brown. JB was inserted in the 3rd, but HK's offense grinded out a few of their own tack on runs to help their starter and Ultimate Gamer Jimmy Meyers earn a well deserved 8-4 victory and improve to 9-7 overall.

Hell Tidbits

MLK once said “The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict.” so I won't remain neutral on head umpire Mr. Johnson AKA

I've said it before I've say it again he's confrontational, terrible and an outright cancer/detriment to the league. Both team hated him yesterday. Not disliked, Hated!!!! I wish Vegas had a money line on who was going to umpire the HK-CP game yesterday. Magoo was a lock. Get rid of him..... Much kudos to HK for ignoring Mr Johnson as much as possible yesterday I think the SB gods rewarded us for that ... HK turned a triple play in game one..... Aaron Fernandez hustle and hitting provided a nice lift for HK in game two ... Speaking of Aaron he asked to be taken out of the game early b/c he was leaving and then ran into the beer cooler and stayed another 2 hours .... HK had a very good turn out yesterday and manager John Sheppard did a good job of getting everyone in the game ... JB's change up is filthy .... Eric Z on CP can hit line drives to RC in his sleep ... Jack Steinman looked good at the plate ... CP stud shortstop Vic pulled/hurt his hamstring in game one that was a big loss ... Eddie Brown is a completely legal modified pitcher and has good stuff ... HK and CP have allowed the fewest runs, 58,in the Big Apple League ... HK second baseman Lou Verges 2 key rbi hits at the bottom of the order off of JB were huge and goes to show it's not where you bat it's how you hit ... The arrival of JB on the mound changed HK offensive outlook, we became more gritty and hustled more, it also helped that we had like 5 swinging bunts off of the JB change up... they say “Each of us bears his own Hell” and Ricky misplayed a ball in RC and pressing has created his own inferno... CP players had mixed feelings about their undefeated season ending... The HK vibe wasn't so much about giving CP a loss rather it was about earning a competitive win against a quality team. In other words, we needed the split.


  1. Ricky-
    Don't include us when you say guys "hate" Mr. Johnson. We've had worse umps and guys who dont even try hard. Contact said they had the "worst" ump after their game. Nick Ross always has the "worst" ump. It seems to be the thing!

    Mr. J is who he is. He's been around and aint gonna change. If HK wants better results from him, then realize this and change how you approach him. Screaming at him all the time wont change a thing. Team cant always argue every call, especially when they know they are wrong. You wont get any respect and the umps wont believe you. Look at some other teams in the league who constantly argue. If you only argue when it matters and when you think you are right, then umps will listen to you and maybe reconsider a call. Mr. J listened to Kip yesterday because Kip never says anything unless he really believes it. If that had been someone else, he'd of tossed them. Right or wrong, HK has a rep with the umps for arguing any close call that goes against them. So the umps dont pay attention.

    Truth is, you guys got some calls your way yesterday that were wrong, and we probably got one or two. The big problem with Mr. J's umping is his strike zone is too small. This pisses off pitchers. But he's always been that way and doesn't favor one team or another.

    Great games. HK is the team to beat! Dont be fooled by that 9-7 record. Now go figure out why Sapphire is the surprise of the year and has given up just as many runs as CP and HK. I thought they were only a hitting team? What's happening? That should be the story for next week.


  2. John dont waste your time. One for goons and goons for all. Ricky is a goon.

  3. "Mr. J is who he is. He's been around and aint gonna change." John, this makes no sense. If you ran a company and got many complaints about an employee, is that how you would answer?

  4. I would have liked to play a game three.

  5. Ricky`s lawyer? Goons need lawyers.

  6. Old School rules the day.

  7. Im very proud to beat a great team with 10 hitters in the lineup, there is no let down with each batter. Also to give them their first loss is huge, but believe me it dont mean shit if we end up losing to them in Chip.
    They should thank me for beating them because now they got the loss out of the way and cant end up like NE PATS. Id rather lose 1 game in season and then win it all, its very hard to go undefeated the whole season and playoffs. :)
    Peace out!
    Jimmy Meyers

  8. You forgot the word "Very" in front of Lucky.