Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tie = Kissing Your Sister

Ties are relatively rare in baseball, since the practice dating back to the earliest days of the game is to play extra innings until one side has the lead after an equal number of innings played. For example, the only non spring training tie I can remember was the 2002 All-Star game when both teams ran out of pitchers.

In softball ties are also very rare, and usually only happen when either the lights go out during a night game or a time limit expires. The latter is what transpired last night as Turner and Charter Fabric "CF" squared off to a 2-2 tie called after the one hour and twenty minute time limit expired. that was so wack.

Charter Fabric games rarely make this blog but last night's game was the exception as pitcher and play director Chris Lutkin
again continued his masterful pitching by matching legendary hard throwing CF ace Cedric out for out. Turner is to be commend for grinding out runs while hitting in a very dark home plate area and specifically for tying the game with 2 outs in the bottom of the 7th with a long home run. Now that's good softball.

Unfortunately, all that excellent pitching, defense, and late inning drama was kind of wasted as nobody won the damn game. As the old expression goes "a Tie is like Kissing Your Sister". You get no joy, pleasure, passion, or satisfaction from it. (like if you were 'kissin' your sister"--blechhh/disgusting!).

Ties and time limits don't belong in softball. and this game is evidence of that. It took an instant classic and made it obscure footnote

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