Friday, May 27, 2011

Give those Men a Cigar for Escaping a Trap

Undefeated Lawyertime escaped a trap game vs. 0-3 Lenox Advisor by hanging on to a 8-6 victory despite playing with only 9 guys. With Lou 22 away on his honeymoon, there was no belt to hand out afterwards. Considering that our performance was flawed and awkward, not having a belt was sort of symbolic.

Regardless, team captain Anthony came up with a replacement prize by handing out cigars to Freddy Hernandez (left) and myself for grinding it out.
Truth be told, we got out to a big lead but Lenox made a furious comeback and had us on the ropes until late arriving starting pitcher John Rosenmiiler got comfortable, settled in, and made adjustments to get big outs in the 6th and 7th inning. I could tell John was not going to be denied victory and pitched these innings with conviction. No fear.

Sometimes you just have to be mentally tough enough to win ugly. Today we did that.


  1. Ugly... no comment.

  2. Yeah right,ugly. bastird.