Friday, May 6, 2011

Softball Diary : Street Game on Cinco De Mayo

I had had enough of softball politics yesterday and was determined to get my softball Independence back on Cinco de Mayo. Even though I didn't have a game schedule, I still had to get back on the softball streets and help others b/c sometimes in softball you have to follow the JFK saying of "Ask not what your softball country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your softball country".

First item on my agenda was to make sure the Jersey City league could play their regularly scheduled game. The heavy rains had damaged the Gateway field,
but with some hard work and assistance from my partner Pat Ryan the field was good to go and everyone was happy.
The Jersey City league has been my own little personal project as I look at it as a neglected abused animal that only needs a little love to grow and flourish. So far, we are off to a promising beginning.

Later in that day, I had to ride the softball style 8 mile bus
( and train) to go to Inwood Hill Park and assist Yoda with player development

I snuck in a workout in Inwood as well and for one day at least I had my independence while helping others.


  1. Mr. Magoo would be proud of you .

  2. Looks like a fulfilling day!

  3. Good work blondi.