Monday, May 2, 2011

USA!!!!!!! USA!!!!!!!!!! USA!!!!!! USA!!!!! USA!!!!!!!!

Forget Softball and put aside your political party affiliation and other "unimportant stuff" for now b/c today is the day we have all been waiting almost 10 years for.
Public Enemy Number One
is Dead!!!!!!!!!!!! Rot in Hell You Evil Bastard!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Justice and Payback Bitch.
This beautiful country
isn't perfect, but it's our home and we love it. The insider would like to recognize Americaand as a tribute I will replay possibly the best rendition of the National Album ever performed - Whitney Houston 1991 Giant-Bill Superbowl
USA USA USA USA USA USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. May God Bless The Brave Men And Women Of The U.S. Military, The C.I.A. And All Those Who Put Their Lives In Danger To Keep Us And Our Families Free And Safe.

    To Those Of You Who Have Served...THANK YOU

    Jim Bitrods

  2. Seal Team Six dumped his body in the ocean like the garbage it WAS. Game Over.

  3. the Navy seals operation was like a perfectly pitched John Brown game ! Say goodnight , bitch !

  4. I wish could kick his ass on my way to hell.
    Johnny c.