Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Softball Diary May 4th, 2011 : A Little Baby Powder Goes a Long Way

Softball Log :May 4th, 2011

This diary is one day late as yesterday I officiated a game in the Prospect Park Women's Softball League (PPWSL). Yeah you read that right, I am an umpire. I'm not perfect, but I am a damn good umpire and I am privileged and honored to work for 2 of the best umpires in NYC
Tony Ferrazzo (left) and John Smith (right).

During the PPWSL game, I was the field umpire and John was the home plate umpire. What I like most about John is that he's a great teacher/mentor. Today he taught me the value of
Baby Powder
When placing the bases John taught me to place baby powder around the bases once measured (field without drawn lines) so that when they move you have an indicator to reposition them. This funny little attention to detail is what makes John a good ump. He cares about making a strong impression on the players and the enthusiastic PPWSL players take notice.

Throughout the game John is in constant communication with me on various issues like:
  1. Where to stand/move as a field umpire
  2. Timing/Assuming of a call
  3. Repositioning bases
  4. Outs
  5. Counts
  6. Infield Fly eligibility
The PPWSL is an instructional league for players but I enjoy their games b/c I get a chance to learn the value of officiating.

Moreover, I spoke to John about my incident last Sunday he advised me of the following:
  1. Going forward you know that ump will know where you are at all times and be ready to go against/after you
  2. You must be the bigger man now and not say anything no matter how right you are
John is mad cool and 100 percent right - a true Professional

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