Saturday, May 30, 2009

SB FROST NIXON ruined by the Chewbacca Defense

Recently I saw an outstanding movie that I highly recommend called Frost Nixon. In the flick, the disgraced US President Richard Nixon, played Oscar worthy by actor Frank Langella, is interviewed by David Frost and their discussion of the Watergate scandal is fascinating, powerful, and brilliant. Frost is unafraid to ask all the tough "no holds bar" questions and, in the end gets the better of Nixon who finally admits to lapses in judgement.

On a much lighter note (it is "only" softball) I thought the Big Apple Committee would follow David Frost's lead and ask all the tough questions regarding the issue of whether John Brown is a Superstar pitcher.
The official league decision on JB is as follows :

"The decision on John Brown being banned as a superstar is found by the committee to be without merit because for 2 years in a row at the league meeting the managers voted to define the superstar pitcher as being significantly better than John Brown, etc. He hasn't improved that much since March. What we're doing is getting a league wide vote to repeal the superstar pitcher rule and concentrate on legal motion--to not allow slingshot or windmill pitchers + eliminate the blatant slingshotters that we have had recently. "
The first part of this explanation makes no sense to me and is flat out stupid. Sorry guys I know and respect all of you, but it is stupid but that's how the league rules are currently written. It's basically just some mumbo jumbo double talk loophole like the famous South Park Chewbacca Defense
that keeps a dominant "superstar" non-modified pitcher like John Brown in the league and does nothing to improve fair competition in 2009. That's the way it is.

On a positive note and to be fair, the second half of the statement that reads "getting a league wide vote to repeal the superstar pitcher rule and concentrate on legal motion" is very encouraging and definitely worth pursuing in 2010 and beyond. I sincerely wish the league the best with this aspiration. However, calling the current ruling and rules stupid pretty much makes my chances on getting on the committee zero. Se la vie
PS If I ever get accused of a crime (definitely a possibility) I want Rosenmiller defending me and the Big Apple Committee on the jury b/c if all else fails everyone knows a Wookie does not belong on Endor.

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  1. That was mad funny. I will have to use the Chewbacca defense one day when I really need it!